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Seven years experience in SEO gives me a deep understanding of the algorithms of search engines. Previously I had several pilot projects using technologies Black-Hat-SEO, so I know well what method of promotion might be banned by search engines.

I made an SEO analysis of more than 100 customer sites – this gives me an idea of typical mistakes made by customers on their resources. The implemented changes on the analyzed sites will inevitably lead to higher rankings in search results.

Trying to take a complex approach to solve the problems of the website. This ensures success for the projects in the long run.

A little bit about my life outside of work. I like sports. Boxing and running-my favorite pastime, which helps to bring thoughts in order, filles with cheerfulness and good mood. During the exercises, I am often visited by new ideas, there are unexpected solutions to the unsolvable.

Besides, I spend a lot of time with my family. I have a wonderful and fun family. My wife Maria is a web designer and web developer. She designed this website. She passionate about running and a healthy lifestyle.

My eldest daughter Sofia is a schoolgirl, like to read and write.
Stanislav is the youngest son, a first-grader and a bright little boy, full of energy and enthusiasm.