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My Portfolio

Of course, I can’t show here all my SEO works for many reasons. Some clients don’t wanted to show their approaches, some SEO works couldn’t be showed because have no visualization. I try to show the most attractive and interesting projects here.

Creating checklist

Creating Checklist

The checklists are not the special SEO work. This is the result of other activities and it helps my clients to structurize their further work. My checklists contain not the only list of tasks, but distribution between different contractors or departments. It gives confidence to my client that all works will be doing correctly, a client can see all improvements works in real time and has control at all processes.


SEO Maintenance – is ongoing work on the website, that contains regular checking the website to bugs, positions of the website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), number and quality of the backlinks etc.

White Hat SEO – work not for a few hours. This is a long-term investment which needs to some maintenance. If you ordering maintenance for your website, you’ll get regular reports about your website that will describe you all about the current situation with maximum visualization and in the simplest way.

Competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

One of the best White Hat SEO practice is to look at your competitors an do a bit better. In terms of SEO, it means that I can recognize the competitors’ strategy to create your own strategy for promoting a website.

Of course, I understand, that your budget for SEO could be different from your competitors but I can estimate your possibilities and form your expectations.

OffPage Optimization

In the most competitive niches promotion is impossible without OffPage Optimization. It means that your website should have the backlinks from other similar sources.

A few years ago you could just buy a huge number of links on the different directories and this approach worked well. But now you can get a penalty from Google for such behavior.

But we still have the possibility to communicate with website owners! Google’s glory we have no artificial intelligence anywhere, so I can communicate with webmasters about posting some backlinks on their websites.

Sometimes this work needs to attract copywriters also. Of course, I can manage work with them too.

offpage optimization
SeoAudit Recovered

Seo Audit

Usually, this is the first work what I do with the new project. As the result, you’ll get a big document with a wide description of all problems on your website.

OffPage and OnPage SEO, problems with indexation and analysis of Google Analytics. I check each website for more than 250 parameters and you can be sure, I found all existing problems.

Moreover, you’ll get the useful checklist in Google docs format, where you could track all team activities and distribute tasks.


I understand your wishes to know all about the processes and activities with your website, so I could provide you reports on a regular basis what you need.

I try to do my reports clear and with maximum visualization, so you don’t need a special knowledge to understand my “SEO language”. If you can understand this text, you can be sure that you’ll understand my reports.

OnPage Optimization

OnPage Optimization

This is huge sector of SEO work, that include so different tasks as PageSpeed optimization, work with meta tags, image resizing etc.

I’m not a developer, so I can’t do all works on your website but I can create tasks for other teammates and track their implementation.

OnPage SEO – is important and first thing what you should do with your website. In general, OnPage SEO doesn’t gives large increasing of Search traffic, but it gets the possibility for the next promotion steps.

Semantic Core

From the Google point of view – the most important thing on your website is content. I definitely agree with this point.

If you start a new project or want to improve existing, you need cool content on your pages.

Cool, means cool from Google point of view and from the visitors’ point of view.

I can find what the topics in your direction are popular and what the phrases use your potential clients to find your competitors and what phrases should use your website to be number 1 in SERP.

I create my Semantic Cores in MindMap format for easier use and in Google Sheets format to give you full information about used keywords.

Semantic Core